Nodes wallet backup

Today I solved an unexpected problem thanks to having a local backup of my wallet files in one of my nodes (The only one I had out of pure chance), and it got me thinking: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a local (safe) backup of all of our newly generated wallets, more so now that we have to pay to setup a new node and it’s no longer a simple matter of redownloading chaindb, now a blown vps account can lead to 100 nkn to the trash can, this happened to me earlier in march btw, when Digital Ocean cancelled my first account with no information as to why despite my begging, and I had to make a new account and redo the 10 nodes. At the time it was not a big deal but now?

I was thinking that maybe when deploying a new node you can do it right then, but I have 60 now, and it came to me that maybe a tool like the awesome script by @no112358 could do it. Something along the lines of adding your pub ssh to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys then you would only need to ‘sftp cp [email protected]’ or even ‘scp’ could work.

Is it worth the effort? Or I’m just procrastinating my way to not doing tedious work?

What do you think?