Not able to back up my wallet

Hello I’m new to the community.
Need help setting up my miner.

Create a node 6 days ago via Digital Ocean.
Not able to backup the wallet and password.
I know for sure that the node been mining for the past 6 days but unfortunately
there is no updates on

thank you

You can check it at, nknx is not working well

Thanks but how do i back up my wallet from
I probably dont explain ,myself good.

I need to find the wallet associate with my node.
Tried to follow all the step by step tutorials on youtube.
The ‘‘scp’’ command isnt working for me.

Here are screenshots of the video tutorial on youtube.
1 uses the command access of the node to backup the wallet
2 uses a software called filezilla to download directly the wallet.json & wallet.pswd

Im not able to do neither of those. Is there any other way to backup your wallet.

filezila extract scp command

I have tried something like that in a google cloud node, the wallet files wasn´t in that directory, i found them with “locate wallet.json” and “locate wallet.pswd” and write the correct path in the google console (wich have an option to download files from your server).

In other nodes/servers i don´t know how to do it :slight_smile: