nPool has become a Ghost Town!

nPool without available wallets to connect to, is a ghost town!

I and my brother got some crypto airdrops in March, thus we take some time-off from mining.

When we return we found, NKN nodes jump from usual 50k to 80k+ meaning less mining rewards, thus we gotta use best option for profitable mining.

We decided to use both NKNx and nPool to strategize our NKN mining operations. By doing so now the NKNx is working but nPool is not because it’s has zero available wallets which now makes it a ghost town!

What do you guys think we should do about the @Npool situation? thanks :smile:

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When nPool shows that the remaining wallet nodes are 0, it means that all free wallet nodes are used by miners, and you can only access them in queue order after other miners go offline through node queuing. Of course, you can also generate wallet nodes yourself, so that you can access nPool’s SOLO mode for mining. Thanks