On dealing with criticism

While my substantiated and very valid criticism in the Telegram chat on the new proposal to have miners pay a fee of 10 NKN for new nodes was a lot less harshly phrased than some of the similar criticism on this forum, the moderators of the Telegram group thought it would be more convenient to kick me out of the group rather than to address the contents of what I wrote. How on earth does this seem like a good way to treat dissenting voices? Surely, if my criticism could have been addressed by providing solid counterarguments, there would have been no problem. Now, there is a big problem. This is unacceptable. This is no way to treat an active and supportive community when its members voice opposition to a very bad idea that even goes against the very principle of decentralization.

I sincerely hope the NKN team will get back to me on this issue and that it will be properly resolved. If not, this issue and my criticism will take on other forms. You can block me from your relatively small Telegram group for sincerely expressing my concerns, but, fortunately, you do not get to decide who has access to the internet. I will not let this slide. It is unacceptable. This is no way to treat involved members of the community when they – for very good and apparently irrefutable reasons – voice their opposition to an idea that also undermines the entire concept of decentralization. Get back to me.

This topic has been thoroughly debated in a few recent threads. Feel free to voice your unique opinion here, or add to the other threads as well.