One-Click to build a New Kind of Network node on Digital Ocean

Wow… that sounds great. Previously, there was just Cloudways who was providing the one click platform to setup the complete DigitalOcean vps. But, now nkn is also providing a similar kind of service which has really ease the job. I am interested to look more of this service and will try to get the hands on experience on this service.

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Welcome joining, and the NKN nodes can be used to host other functions to win reward except mining, for example and Pub/sub relay server or edge CDN node.

Hello, launched several nodes in one click, replaced with your Wallet file.dat at all with Filezilla! It’s been three days, and the wallet has not started to drip, although the nodes are working hard! Please tell me how to fix it!?

Hi, 1: Be make sure restart the nknd after replace wallet.dat, cause the wallet.dat only be read when nknd start. 2: Check each node’s status at nknx node manager or by input IP address, if the neighbor, height and relay count are correctly, then you just need be patient and some luck.

How restart the nknd and nknx ?

nkd is from the beginning, but at the request of the command ( ./nkd ) writes that the file in the directory is missing! It is easier to rewrite everything from the very beginning, and not to use the “node in one click”! When he wrote from the beginning itself for example, that all turned out, but here - no way!img-2019-05-06-20-50-14 img-2019-05-06-20-52-56

I’m not sure I fully understand your questions, do you mean the nknd can’t be found, could I know the full path name when your run nknd, you can input “pwd” and “ls” to show more detail.


I can’t log out of root(!?img-2019-05-07-11-06-15

As @EA2NN’s picture show, run cd /home/nkn/go/… before run “./nknd”


It was all about the gap. Thank you! But tormented by the doubt that is still something! Too many mistakes at first!img-2019-05-07-14-41-41 img-2019-05-07-14-40-53

These are normal logs, used by developers. Typically you don’t need to worry about them.

If you can find your node on or by using your node’s public IP address, and the status is “PersistFinished” and relay message count is increasing, then your node is properly working and mining testnet token. It will take some time to earn your first testnet token, and it can vary a lot (1 day to a week).

But testnet when you enter the IP writes " to the state from your node failed. Your code may not work correctly."img-2019-05-08-19-45-23 img-2019-05-08-19-40-19

Is it possible that your ports 30001 - 30003 are not open?

But testnet when you enter the IP writes " to the state from your node failed. Your code may not work correctly."

That is typically a sign that the ports are not open, so cannot access information from your node

Clearly, there is no solution! Since Digitalocean ports cannot be closed((