Ple help private key

pls i need help … im on digitalocen with one click. what should I write in my droplet to see the key. i dont have into my pc wallet.dat

Are your DO droplet still exist and running?

One-click image will create a wallet.dat with wallet.pswd at /home/nkn/go/src/, using for mine.

You can got a wallet pair(.dat & .pswd) at your droplet if you can login.

yes sure iv 9 droplet and all work well. the problem is that in my pc there is no wallet.dat or psw.dat file … I can’t create the file

Follow below step

  1. Login your droplet
  2. cd /home/nkn/go/src/ (path on your droplet)
  3. cat wallet.pswd | ./nknc wallet -l verbose

You would saw the pubKey & privateKey for the wallet of the logined droplet.

ok tx. now iv name wallet and psw … but i cant transfer my tnkn … because you wallet doesnt match the sender address …:unamused::sleepy: