Problems with restore wallet

A few months ago, during devnet v.0.9, I created a wallet that is the one I am currently using as beneficiaryaddr …
But when trying to recover it on the web, asks me for the secret seed and I do not have it.
I keep the file wallet.dat and wallet.pswd of v.0.9
I tried using the command “” cat wallet.pswd | ./nknc wallet -l verbose “” but it read the wallet.json from that node and it’s not what I want.

Is there any way to recover the secret seed?

Because it will be necessary tomorrow to transfer the coins, right?
Or with knowing the password and the address of the wallet will be enough?


Hi, did you try to open the wallet files on

There is a format incompatibility, if you created that wallet from Because at that time was not upgrade to the latest mainnet format. It is a known issue, and we have announced it earlier. v0.9 mainnet tokens has no value, so there is no possibility to swap or redeem.

Hi Bruce,
If I try to open the wallet from it asks me for a .json file and I do not have it …
I think the wallet was created from the terminal, as always, “./nknc wallet -c” at the beginning of May … And it was in some solidary nodes of devnet v.0.9 …
Now I’m using that same address “NKNxxxxxx” but I do not know the secret seed to try to restore it at
And I know that the tokens of devnet 0.9 have no value.
With Mainnet 1.0 that wallet was at zero and started to mine since 0 NKN…
Maybe is more easy create a new wallet? but I loss all rewards… :sleepy:

wallet from devnet (v0.9) is not compatible with mainnet wallet, and if you happen to have any token in it (sent to it or mine to it), it’s technically not possible to recover it… It’s definitely easier to create a new one from nknc or before it’s too late :sweat_smile:

Thanks Yilun for info…
I created a new one…