Raspberry Pi Fast Deploy stuck on Waiting for wallet generation

I am trying to run NKN Fast Deploy on my raspberry pi. I have received notifications saying that it is installing, and I got its IP address. I have gone onto nstatus.org, and it says it is offline. When I run it, it starts off well, but then after a few minutes, it gets stuck on:

Installing NKN Commercial…
Waiting for wallet generation…

How can I generate the wallet, or start mining?
Also, how long does it usually take to receive your first mining payment?

You have to send 10 NKN Mainnet to generate a wallet.

I believe nstatus should tell you the address of which to send payment to get the ball rolling. Other trackers may also give this information.

Mainnet tokens can be bought OTC via a few chaps in Discord, while the team are working out which exchange to have Mainnet tokens listed sometime this year.

Where do I send the NKN to? It doesn’t say GENERATE_ID for any of the nodes. When I go on the NStatus, it just says that the Node is Offline. A while ago, I recieved an email saying that FD install started. Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 6.52.18 AM

When I try to add the node, it says that it is not reachable. I configured my wifi to port forward 30001-65534