RasPi Plug-n-Play install not working

Just trying to setup a pi via the plug n’ play script, and I get “Installation Failed” when trying to install. I get to the line “NKN Built” and then failed… nothing more. Can’t find a fix, and I’m fairly poor with linux so hard for me to work it out myself. Any ideas? I’d prefer do this via pis or vm and not a load of Windows VMs if possible.

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience!

I’ll update the github repo for mainnet. Currently it’s outdated. Please follow other raspberry pi tutorials in the meantime to set up manually.

Would be cool to see when you have your little army of Pis set up and running NKN! Share a photo if you wish :grinning:

Beefier node does not yield more mining reward, especially considering your nodes have almost same network connection. As long as you have enough public IP addresses, I would suggest run an army of them.