READ THIS before deploying NKN nodes on AWS

Hi there!

I am new to mining NKN and also new to cloud computers.

I created an Amazon Web Services account and tried my best to understand what are the limits of Free Tier. I launched several nodes on AWS just to find out few days later that I’ve been charged 100 dollars for couple of days… quickly deleted and/or shut them down (the active ones). Most of them didn’t even have node ID because of the recent change of paying 10 NKN for activation of node.

TL;DR: So if I understood correctly, the Free Tier in AWS gives you 750 hours of cloud computing (EC2) per month. That equals to one (1) instance e.g. node per month and NOT MORE. So deploy one node only if you don’t want to pay any USD

Well, that’s what you get when you’re not paying attention to what you are actually doing.

You have been warned :smiley:

PS. I would like to move my active nodes to other servers, is it really just a matter of moving the wallet and id to a new server? I still have some credits in other VPS services.

In addition, pls pay attention to networking or data costs. They can add up pretty quickly as well.

I confirm that the 15GB of free usage are barely enough for two or three days, on the billing page in AWS the billing estimation for May is 20 dollar and I already paid more than 10 dollar in April. The real problem is that I haven’t received any reward till now. I’m going to shutoff this stuff before the end of may if i don’t receive any reward within the next 2 week.

Plus, I shut down my account and this month I am being billed 0,21usd with no usage at all and no way to access the console because my account is deactivated. So I can’t actually see what they are charging me for… stay away from AWS

Whenever I got those misc. fees from AWS they were always old snapshots or AMI’s that I created that they still bill you for monthly until you remove them.

Maybe, but I can no longer access my account as I already closed it. I can only go into the billing part.
I contacted customer services, but of course still no response…