Recovering wallet and GenerateID when rebuilding a node after HDD crash from behind same IP address?


One of my nodes was lost after the HDD crashed.
I cannot recover any of the data on the HDD.
I have the node wallet address, public key and secret seed.

I want to rebuild a new node, from behind the same IP address.

Is it possible to recover the same node wallet on the new node?
Is it possible to benefit from the Generate ID already done for the previous node on the new one?
Or is the only way to start from scratch, new node wallet, and 10 NKN funding for a new Generate ID?


You can restore your wallet using secret seed. There are many different ways to do it, for example, you can use nknc wallet -r xxx to restore it in command line. After you restore your wallet you can use nknc wallet -l to verify whether it’s correct.

Ok thanks!

Once the wallet is restored, can I also benefit from the Generate ID that was done for the previous node, or do I need to fund it with 10 NKN again, to get a new Generate ID from behind the same public IP?