Reward system analyse

Hello !

for those who are not on the official NKN Discord I’ve released 2 small tools who might be useful for those trying to get a bit more details about the rewards and how their nodes performs…

So the first one is just some graph analyse the rewards distribution, the node generation etc …
Those data are captured and saved to be used in nWatch for nodes owners

The second one is to check if your node, or the wallet attached to it have generated as rewards. You simply enter the IP of your node and you get a table with the date, the block and the wallet where the reward went.

I hope it will help you !

ndlr; data are not coming from an official NKN source, it might contain mistakes.


Following some requests I’ve updated the reward analyser.
You can now enter either an IP address or a NKN wallet address.
Both will return to you an analyse of your rewards history.


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Thanks for doing this. One bug report, the sorting of date/time seems to be off: pls see attached screenshot.

Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at 1.23.43 PM

With apologies, I wasn’t paying attention …
It’s patched!

Hi AL, the weeks are sorted correctly, but the year is still unsorted in the legend of graph. started with 2021, then 2020, and then 2021. :wink:

Oh gosh … Sorry I was debugging with new miners wallet :expressionless:
It should be patched for real :stuck_out_tongue:

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Big update for the reward analyser!

Changelog :

  • Analyse node by IP or publicKey
  • Analyse mainet wallet mining rewards
  • Analyser return all IP where the publicKey is used ( thx Sarcophilus harrisii from ! )
  • Wallet analyse show all connected nodes
  • General better UI