Rollback error: local ledger has forked for more than 180 blocks

Hello Community members

I have started mining recently at home on my Windows PC and all was well until a couple of days ago when I suddenly started getting the error “Rollback error: local ledger has forked for more than 180 blocks”. I have downloaded the latest nkn release version since then and tried a bunch of other things but nothing seems to work. My node status reaches “chain db sync started” and goes back to “Not started”. I found an existing thread from 2019 on this forum but that seems to suggest deleting the ChainDB folder and starting syncing from scratch. I am however, afraid to do that because the syncing process had taken 10 days for me the first time around. Is there a better, quicker option available that I could employ? Thanks in advance.

You could use NKNx Fast Deploy, witch comes with a prepacked prunned ChainDB,
the only things needed are a compatible VPS Provider, an APY Key and 10 mainnet NKN.

You should be able to start mining in a couple hours.

Check my offer if you need Mainnet NKN:

If you want to move your node id check this thread: