Running NKN in <1GB RAM node


- Zebra -Today at 11:15 AM

The “micro” settings on Google cloud don’t seem to work. I can’t get the node to snyc. I upgraded to “small” and I was mining in 10 mins. Is there anything I am missing to get the micro settings to work? Has anyone else had success with them recently?

Each attempt on micro stopped working at block 567511

- Zebra -Today at 11:55 AM

Great, I’ll check it out. Thanks for your help @Bruce | NKN

ifernandezToday at 11:59 AM

@- Zebra - you can get around this by making a swap file

2GB worked for me

it will be slower than having to change/upgrade the instance. I just let the make run overnight in a screen, done and sync’d in the morning

maybe admin could add how to add swapfile info into build instructions?

blacky99Today at 12:04 PM

#to create a bigger swap (this case 2GB) sudo fallocate -l 2000M /mnt/2000MB.swap sudo mkswap /mnt/2000MB.swap sudo swapon /mnt/2000MB.swap sudo chmod 600 /mnt/2000MB.swap sudo nano /etc/fstab

#add this: /mnt/2000MB.swap none swap sw 0 0 #as the last line and exit with save

…check with:

free --mega

to modify the config.json you can use the search box here in discord, or go to the day 18th March here in #general(edited)

Yilun03/18/2019 @Bruce | NKN This line: “SyncBatchWindowSize”: 128, where 128 can be further reduced for smaller RAM

ifernandezToday at 12:10 PM

thanks @blacky99

blacky99Today at 12:12 PM

ifernandezToday at 12:12 PM

Can admin pin these msgs? Someone else is bound to ask for that

- Zebra -Today at 12:25 PM

Thanks @ifernandez and @blacky99

That was a big help