Server solution for mining

I’m a French speaker so I apologize for my not perfect english :slight_smile:
I did a lot of research about the best profitable way (cloud) to mine NKN with the current price (0.5 /0.6 dollar), the cost of a VPS + the new tax to launch a node + the chance …
I noted that the average price of a VPS (1cpu, 2GB ram, 30GB storage) is 5$/month (60$/year) + the tax of 10 NKN (5$/year) = 65$/year, 1 node earns once a month 6$/month or 72$/year …the gain is 7$ per year per VPS.
In my opinion it is necessary to optimize the cost of a VPS so that it does not exceed 2$/month (buy big VPS or even a dedicated server with several IP addresses).

what do you think ?

was wondering the same thing. would it be more cost-effective to do it that way?

It´s always the same thing in every coin, it depends on the price, it´s a bet.

Is like buying GPUs for mining ETH waiting a ROI of 10-12 months looking at the todays price… that may come in 3 months or 24, you´ll never know…

I think the prudent way of getting into is step by step, mounting a few nodes (50-100) and then make numbers depending on the price of the coin.

If you want to jump with 5k nodes to get more coins waiting for the price to rise up, it´s still a bet.

The more the investment the more the wining… or the loosing :slight_smile:

my only concern is that this project has two coins. one erc20 token which has value and the mainnet coin which currently does not have value since you can’t do anything with it other than to hold it. swap should always be available but its not and that is a concern.

It’s not profitable from what I’ve seen

Pay 10 NKN for each node, 1000 NKN for 100 nodes, 50 000 NKN for 5000 nodes :slight_smile:

Anyway I decided to abandon the idea of mining NKN, even if I like the project.

I found this offer which can be interesting:

2GB Ryzen VPS

2x AMD Ryzen 3900X CPU Cores
35 GB NVMe SSD Storage
4000GB Monthly Premium Bandwidth
1Gbps Public Network Port
Full Root Admin Access
1 Dedicated IPv4 Address
KVM / SolusVM Control Panel - Reboot, Reinstall, Manage rDNS, & much more
JUST $35.49/Year!

what do you think?

I can’t see the offer you talking about @uplodex

FireShot Capture 130 - Shopping Cart - RackNerd LLC -

OVH offers VPS at 3.5 per month which is okay for mining imo

Link please

what is “OVH”?

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what vps server are you using?
Link please

Does it work with “Storage 20 GB SSD SATA”?
I thought I needed 35 GB of storage!

VPS server size:
To deploy a ChainDB and node: 35+ GB
To deploy ChainDB only: 25 GB
To deploy NKN nodes: 25 GB

Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04+
Private IP check (Linode)
Be sure to “disable” VPS provider firewalls!

35GB if you want to make a ChainDB file to transfer to other nodes.

The ChainDB of a mining node right now is about ~13/14Gb

then I understand nothing! :slight_smile:

what are the steps and configuration to mine with the best preference?

The best and fastest option is to make a node with access to a ChainDB file in some server… like the nkn (not up to date but faster than start from scratch)

Then, when you have a full node running and mining, if you have enough space you can make your own ChainDB file to share with other of your new nodes.

I only have a node with 55GB and make the ChainDB from there, almost all my other nodes are 25GB and installed and mining with that ChainDB in a few hours (or less)

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