Still no Rewards

I keep seeing other people getting mining rewards but my solitary node just sits there over a month now with nothing, is something wrong, my IP is ?

Digital Ocean one click fast deploy in PERSIST_FINISHED state.


Relays per hour are really low. I run a node off a Windows laptop and it is relaying 3x/hr compared to your node on Digital Ocean.

I cannot speak to anything on DO since they banned me 15 minutes after deploying a NKN node. Literally locked my account and said I could not use their service.

I setup 4 nodes on Vultr and two got a reward within 2 weeks. They were relaying 300-600K/hr depending on location. They relayed 30-40M before getting a reward.

Hmm, only using DO because I have $100 credit to get through. I tried Vultr too about 4 months ago, ran for a month with no rewards, same deal… I did try the windows miner over a year ago with rewards either, maybe I will try again.

Maybe I am just not meant to do this…
Am I doing something wrong?

No you’re not doing anything wrong. At present, the only rewards are from consensus and not services, which means the average reward time is around 30 days per node. A single node will statistically still have the same chance as anyone else, but can take quite a time to actually touch those averages. If you were to run 10-20 nodes, I believe that’s when you can count on more reliable results.

In time, the mining-scape of NKN will change, with more utilisation and service payments going out to miners. I’d eventually expect to see service payments dwarf the current consensus payments but it’ll take time to get there. Keep with it, but if you do decide to stop - keep your eye on the mining. It’s forever changing.

Yay, I have a reward !!!

One thing which was catching me out was the dodgy changes which have been made to the NKNX Monitor. I only found out I had received a reward when I checked my wallet, the nknx mining reward node monitor does not show history anymore, I was checking this looking for a reward.
Seems you have to pay for this feature now, really guys…?
That’s pretty standard functionality everyone would expect without having to pay, it used to give you history (for free).

There are now multiple node-monitoring systems available. You’ll find them in the Discord etc. I believe NKNx is the only paid service.