Stuck on 'generating ID' in node manager

Hey there,

I set up my node in digital ocean to mine, but it seems like the nknx node manager has listed my node as generating ID.

I saw a post that said to try removing the node and re-adding it and that didn’t work.

Is there anything I can do about this? Is there a better tutorial or a better cloud provider to use for this?

Link to the tutorial I followed (from December 2019) :

thanks for any help

NKNx is currently suspending all nodes updates.

You might use to check your node’s accurate status.

Gotcha, I guess I don’t know what I’m looking at when I’m reading nstatus. Any good resources?

And how long would it take before a coin or two to start rolling in so I can be confident that everything’s working.

just gotta wait a long time it will work.

Mine is in ID Generation for 13 days, whereas NKN WEB shows “mining”.
Also, is stuck in regards to the current relayed message, whereas localhost node is updating the count fine.

Any clues?

NKNx is under upgrades. Have you checked your node status with

nkn web relays count = nkn web relays count (both show “mining”) node manager count is not right. This happened for the second time now. After a pc restart, it gets the count going but then loses it :smiley:

The question I should really be asking, is when can I expect to get actual NKN out of the node?

I haven’t gotten anything in my wallet yet but i don’t know whether that’s expected or not.

can anyone weigh in?


Well it would seem that it took about 4 days but it’s turned out to be a good enterprise for me, thanks everyone for your help!

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