Stuck on generating ID

Hi there,
Yesterday i deployed some nodes with digitalocean and aws, they are still generating id after more than 12 hours. I’ve read the usual time is 1-2 hours to get nodes running, so I was wondering if can be a settings problem…

UPDATE: deleting the IP in node manager and re-adding it showed me “Syncing”, so maybe could have been just not updating IPs in node manager.


It is a problem with NKNX.ORG site, not your node.

Check your node status in

Thanks, i checked, but the major part are still syncing… i’ve 4 nodes mining now, but not pretty sure about the beneficiary wallet… is there a way to check on

If you did not download blockchain manually (snapshot of ChainDB directory: ), then syncing may over 24 hours.
Also you should not trust the information of because it is lagging latest time, is better.

No, you cannot check beneficiary address on, you should just check your config file