Syncing error

I have been getting an error about certificate because it cannot go through my 80 port. Permission denied it says. I don’t know why is this since I have my 80 port forwarded

Not all errors are fatal, is the node syncing? Leave it running. Also check the cert folder if theres a certificate inside.

According to nknx SYNC_STARTED and according to the node is working and connecting with neighbours. I have to say i’m having this on a Raspberry Pi 4, so I know it could take a lot to sync, but, 2 days isn’t enough?

No fatal error occured anyway.

Chain Height number on nknx? Fully synced is 2.450.000ish

That’s it then, cause i’m at 800.000ish, I didn’t know that! Thanks!

Slow CPU machines take a lot of time to sync. Maybe put a fan on the PI just for the sync, maybe the CPU is overheating (if you don’t have a cooler on it) and is slowing down the process.

I had a similar problem with my vpn, it’s only 1 core cpu, and it took forever… Thankfully I had a already running node on my home PC, so I rsync-ed (copied) the ChainDB folder from my home node directly to the VPS node, it took 4 hours instead of days.

Well that’s some information, I think I have somethig over somewhere with a previous node, thank you so much!