Testing NPool and got some errors, I need help guys

Hi guys,

I was testing @Npool with 10 VPS, I started with 1 VPS which turns out to be working fine. then I went ahead to add 9 more yet all the 9 new NPool installed VPS are not working due some errors. I just want to know where things went wrong.

I need help on how to fix this… thanks

When the number of nodes in nPool is more than 50% of the total number of nodes in the main network, you cannot join nPool. We will optimize it in next version. When it is impossible to join nPool, you can solo mine, and automatically join the nPool when it is less than 50%.

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Oh, come on!

I’m very disappointed!

What should I do now?

I have 9 VPS online for more than 48 hours with these errors

Come on we need another mining pool for NKN. One pool is not enough.

Perhaps another pool on NKNx @ChrisT with two or more pools means more decentralization.

What do you think @yilun?

Well, this question has already been asked by some devs in discord :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 14.38.00

Would be very happy to run a pool but only if the logic behind it is open-sourced and comprehensible for everyone.

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The logic of this sentence is very strange… by the way, what is the open source repository url of NKNx, which has been running for several years?

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It is here: https://github.com/nknx-org/nknx

If you find my sentence strange I will always be happy to answer questions!

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Guys, we need another pool to make NKN mining more decentralized.

Having two or more mining pools is better. Good things coming to NKN

Also, thanks to @ChrisT for showing interest on supporting another mining pool

Wow, that’s too deep, bruv! Being a bully doesn’t make anyone special

Now, where is a script to uninstall nPool and get my NKN Commercial back?

I’ve wasted enough time on nPool without getting anything in return due to the pool limits.

Life goes on, regardless…

did it with the following commands:

systemctl stop npool.service
sudo ./nkn-commercial install
systemctl restart nkn-commercial
systemctl status nkn-commercial