Token swap

Hello everyone! please help to solve the problem. I still have NEP5tokens from the moment of distribution, I need to exchange them for ERC20. How can i do this?

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Same problem for me unfortunately

aren’t admins and developers looking at these topics and trying to help the community that supports them?

NEP-5 token swap has been completed almost two years ago. But if you still have NEP-5 NKN tokens, pls send email to [email protected].

thanks for your reply! I was told that the minimum amount for an exchange is 3000, but what should I do if I have half as much?

We will decrease it as part of the swap system update.

please specify when it will happen approximately?

I am not able to swap my tokens and getting below errors. I am not getting proper response when I asked to cancel these orders:

This means you have older swap orders that have not been completed, which prevents you from creating new order.

You can click on the “History” button on the top menu, to see your previous orders (including completed and incomplete orders) and their details.

Yes I found the order but it says: Status: Waiting for NEP-5
Also I tried with another address and it says same error too. PLEASE help me!


This is what I see when I check in History…when I click NEXT its nothing

The next step is that you need to transfer your NEP-5 NKN tokens to the payment address listed above the QR code. Just creating an order is not enough, since nobody other than yourself can move your existing NEP-5 NKN tokens out of your wallet.

After you do the transfer, the swap system will automatically kick in, and send you the ERC-20 NKN tokens.

You can find the detailed instruction with screenshots on the swap website, top menu.

dear, Zbruceli,
can you provide me with an answer?