Transfer 10 NKN to my NKN Web Wallet


I have 10 NKN in the account . I want make withdraw from to my NKN Web Wallet , i did this few times and it fail all times .
Question is how to put 10 NKN in my web wallet to can start minering .
If is not possible from to my NKN Web Wallet then tell me how to fill 10 NKN to my Web Wallet ?

Hi, your NKN tokens on might be ERC-20. You can use our official swap tool to swap into NKN mainnet token first:

Hello zburceli and thank you for your fast response .
The ask me minimum 30 NKN to make the swap . I want to swap 10 NKN to start minering . Can you change the interface to accept minimum 10 NKN for swap ? .