Transfer NKN

I created a wallet with 100nkn in it
There was an error in the transfer
“INTERNAL ERROR, can not append tx to txpool: not sufficient funds”

I am getting this too because I tried to send a transaction with 0 fee… Apparently there is a big amount of spam transactions flooding the network at 0 fee. So in order for the transaction to succeed the transaction needs a higher tx fee.

My question is… How long is it going to take to find my transaction at 0 fee? I keep getting the error:

INTERNAL ERROR, can not append tx to txpool: not sufficient funds

Accourding to what you say, you can resend your nkn with the interrupt nonce

Find your nonce:
./nknc wallet -l nonce

Resend nonce, for example:
./nknc asset -t --nonce 15556 --to acceptNKNaddr -v 1000 -f 0.001

10000:nkn that were need to transfer
0.001:transfer fee

Anyone can solve it?

Where is NKN experts?

It’s typically because you already have a pending transfer transaction in txpool. Selecting the Replace pending transaction option should fix it in most cases.