Trying to NKNX fast deploy to vultr, but all instances keep saying "Stopping NKN Commercial"

any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m kind of new to all of this.

here’s a picture of the console

I think you have a problem with the internet connection.
Have you unblocked ports 30001-30021?

Look in the following logfile:
cat /home/nknx/nkn-commercial/services/nkn-node/nkn-node.log

Did you resolve this? I am having the same issue now with opening ports in Vultr. I tried modifying the firewall as well as within the server with sudo ufw allow 30001:30021/tcp. Still ports remain closed for me. Not sure how to get the ports open.

1st of all, stop using the vultr web console, install terminus or putty.

Fast deploy should work fine. I have Vultr fast deploys and they work without problem.

Go to NKNX to the fast deploy section, delete the old configuration, create a new one, DO NOT tick disable UFW, leave the Download pre-packed chain? on.

Click the configuration on the right, scroll down, select custom, click on the wget command to copy it, connect to your server via terminal, paste the command, and that should be it, no extra config neccesary.