Tutorial for nknx.org?

I apologize for these simple questions and my lack of knowledge. I set up a node on my computer, and I am trying to monitor the node and my wallet on nknx.org. I have tried to add my node, but when I enter the ip address, it says “Ports of your node are closed”.

Hi @ngall15,

you don´t have to apologize :slight_smile: We’re here to help each other out.

Let us find a solution:

  1. nknx.org had a short downtime yesterday. Could you also check your Node at https://testnet.nkn.org/?

  2. Also try to check if you got any tNKN at https://nknwallet.io/wallet/restore-wallet or nknx.org by opening your wallet.

  3. Did you open the Ports 30000-30003 for your Computer in the Router Settings?