Upcoming NKN Mid-Year AMA with our Founding Team on Twitter Space

We are excited to announce the 2023 NKN Mid-Year AMA with the Founding Team is coming up next week on Twitter Space Live! This regular half-year update is for all our NKN community and anyone who might be curious about what’s going on with the NKN team and the Web 3.0 industry as a whole!

The founding team will be covering our recent technology progression, NKN’s product updates, business wins, and our new marketing moves. We will also touch on the recent trends in Web 3.0 and the adoptions that are happening in the real world.

The last 15 minutes of Q&A will be reserved for the community to ask any questions about NKN, and as always, our founding team will do their best to answer as detailed as we can.

Please comment below to submit your questions for the team, ANY QUESTION you like. And most importantly, don’t forget to put our AMA time into your calendar to tune in for our response!

Date and Time:

Thursday July 20th, 2023

  • UK/GMT 5:00 pm
  • US Pacific 9:00 am
  • Hong Kong (July 21st Friday) Midnight 0:00 am

Twitter Space Live


My question why the NKN token does not evolve and remains at a very low price?
Thank you

I have 3 questions as a developer who wants to improve the NKN dev experience.

  1. for nmobile, it seems the code is more difficult to build than many other Flutter projects, is it possible to improve the documentation, I am a developer and I want to add some features to it, what is the best way to contribute?

  2. for storage, if the nkn chat message and content are all encrypted, why can’t we also use traditional cloud providers such as Google (firebase) / Telegram (tdlib), the data should still be private right?

  3. for resolver, currently brc-20 and ordinals are very popular, and people have been experimenting domain names with it recently, can nkn resolver support those as well?


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