Upgrading the NKN Community Platform


I am proposing to create a complete community and governance platform built specifically for NKNers on Commonwealth.


A governance & community platform with more capabilities than NKN’s current processes will allow this community to get more done and inevitably grow the NKN ecosystem. I am proposing that NKN move their governance activities to Commonwealth where this community will be given more tools to govern NKN. The major changes are as follows:

  1. Organize all of the community activities that NKN does to increase efficiency and expand higher community engagement rates into more areas of governance. I.e.: bucket all hiring activities, discussions, governance proposals, etc. into unique channels.
  2. Create a community fund built into the governance platform where NKN community members can invest in projects that they determine to benefit the NKN ecosystem.
  3. Efficiently reach more of the community and expose more on-chain, off-chain, and member data to allow the entire community to make informed decisions.
  4. Make every thread an opportunity to raise funds for a project that benefits the NKN ecosystem. Any thread would have an option to start a Kickstarter-like funding campaign targeting to community. This would mean that every project in the Application channel would be easily able to raise funds to grow the NKN ecosystem.

Commonwealth isn’t just a governance interface, it has the capabilities to become the decentralized hub for all of the community activities taking place within NKN. Commonwealth is already doing this with a couple other decentralized communities.

Key Feature Upgrades:

  • Crypto-native discourse with an integration to Snapshot voting, staking dashboard and other new features to NKN’s governance.
  • In-depth transparency & analytics for both thread activity and profiles. Profile transparency includes forum activity history, past votes, and more.
  • On-chain integrated governance dashboard built specifically for decentralized communities. Everyone can receive notifications if they want to and Commonwealth can integrate with Discord and Telegram.

Next Steps

The NKN team get in touch with Commonwealth to build a testnet on the Commonwealth platform and get the Commonwealth team to build any custom features that NKNers wants to see in the new community forum. Once that’s done the existing forum data would be migrated over to Commonwealth.