Using nMobile in China

Hi NKN Team/Bruce,

I’m currently doing my due diligence on the NKN token. And so I tried nMobile inside China to see if it’s able to send/receive messages through the Chinese firewall.

And we cannot get it to work. The app is always just in the “connecting” phase. We tried it across different ISPs and different phones as well, and the results are the same.

I thought the advantage of using NKN/nmobile is that network connections are completely decentralized - which gives users unfettered access to communicate? This doesn’t seem to be the case in China. Can you give your thoughts on this?


Our current nMobile in Apple App store and Google Play Store has some bugs that might cause connection problem. This has nothing to do with which country you are connecting from.

We are in the Apple/Google approval process for a new release of the nMobile app. Should be within 1-2 weeks.