V2.1.6 - NKN Node Status "syncing" instead of "persist finished"

Hey there, I’m running this node: https://explorer.nkn.org/state/node/

The explorer is showing that the node is “syncing.”

However, per the below, the node is showing as “persist finished” which is truly mining. I’ve seen via nstatus.org that “persist finished” is reflected. However, when I search a connected node via nstatus.org and filter by my IP address the status shows as “wait for syncing.” Is this a known bug or issue?

./nknc -ip info -s
“id”: “1”,
“jsonrpc”: “2.0”,
“result”: {
“addr”: “tcp://”,
“currTimeStamp”: 1630450333,
“height”: 3039347,
“id”: “e09815506712fe7550c84429251f86dd3e4039cad8893a930853741cf2f4e09a”,
“jsonRpcPort”: 30003,
“proposalSubmitted”: 0,
“protocolVersion”: 40,
“publicKey”: “6a8e5eadebe120bbce00523c42e41ed00e69085de3f33d6fa7ff17ec30dfeda9”,
“relayMessageCount”: 322901,
“syncState”: “PERSIST_FINISHED”,
“tlsJsonRpcDomain”: “66-113-14-95.ipv4.nknlabs.io”,
“tlsJsonRpcPort”: 30005,
“tlsWebsocketDomain”: “66-113-14-95.ipv4.nknlabs.io”,
“tlsWebsocketPort”: 30004,
“uptime”: 68486,
“version”: “v2.1.6”,
“websocketPort”: 30002

Sometimes it doesn’t update the latest status immediately, please keep your node online if the issue still exist, and we can help check it out