Vote for NKN on Huobi - FastTrack Phase 1 Vote-to-List June 20


:red_circle: We are thrilled to announce that NKN has been selected by Huobi Global as one of the first 5 Fastrack Projects for listing.

:drum:FastTrack Phase 1 Vote-to-List Premieres June 13
5 Projects, 4 will get listed in the 4 rounds of voting and the remaining, not listed project, will get another chance in Phase 2.

How does it work?

The project with the highest HT vote count shall list on Huobi Global’s main board the same day. The project with the highest vote count shall commence free trading on the same day with the simultaneous launch of USDT, BTC and HT trading pairs.

:bangbang: Voting rights will be measured in HT held before the actual voting. HT holdings will base on :warning:daily random snapshots. Minimum of 1,000HT and cap of 5,000HT:warning:

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When do we vote (Round 2)?

:pushpin: HT Holding Period: 00:00:00 June 13 – 23:59:59 June 19 (GMT+8)
:pushpin: Voting Stage (1 hour): 20:00:00 – 20:59:59 June 20, 2019 (GMT+8)
:pushpin: Token Exchange: 21:00:00 – 21:09:59 June 20, 2019 (GMT+8)
:pushpin: Listing Stage: 22:00:00 June 20, 2019 (GMT+8)

What happens to the tokens voted?

All participating HT voters who have voted for the week’s winning project token will be eligible to purchase the said tokens at the discounted price. Remaining HT arising from the token exchange will be returned to the users after the voting stage. HT voted for the project that doesn’t win in the round, will be returned. HT voted for the winning project is burned.

:grey_exclamation:Once NKN is selected for the week, Huobi Global will distribute at minimum 500,000 USDT equivalent of NKN tokens at a 50% discount to the voters in the Token Exchange.

:eyes: If you intend to vote for NKN, please familiarize yourself with the platform and in case you have any questions, Huobi is available at Huobi.Global-Official telegram group and announcements should be posted at Huobi.Global-Official Announcement Channel.

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FastTrack Phase 1 Vote-to-List Premieres June 13

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