VPS vs Raspberry for medium size miners


What are your thoughts on this topic. I was wondering what would be a better approach for mass adoption of the NKN project. - Original Topic


You can’t really make a medium size node cluster with Raspberrys unless you posses a class C block of IPv4 (For witch you need to be a bussiness and make a deal through a brokerage to buy a block, with the official documents up to date, a process that can took up to 3 weeks, and lastly convince your ISP to use your purchased ips).

So the option to go with would be VPS, I would recomment to use Vultr or DigitalOcean. As Vultr and Digital Ocean give you 100$ credit to use on VPS. Also Vultr have a limit of 100 VPS by default, so if you want a fast medium size deploy you can have it right in the instant you open the account. DigitalOcean in the other hand, has a limit of 10 VPS when you open the account, but you can ask for an expansion.


I thing there’s a small misunderstanding :slight_smile:

The NKN project is not made for big miner to generate as much profit as possible :slight_smile:
The NKN purpose is to have as much as possible different nodes in different environments all around the globe in order to create a true de-centralized network.

So of course you can’t create a 100 node cluster at home but you don’t need to create 100 VPS to participate ^^
You can absolutely have a Pi @Home and start participating a New Kind of Network :slight_smile:

If you are looking for a project to make quick and high profit … Ur at the wrong place I’m really sorry :confused:

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Hello @TheAL, I’m currently an active miner, and building a network of this kind in the mid-term requires people with more than 1 node, to sustain the growth of the network.On the long run it doesn’t matter, because the difficulty curve reduces the number of rewards beyond what a commercial project can sustain(Atleast on NKN current trajectory), also by that point NKN organization would have develop an easy way for everyone to have a node in her home, so is no longer useful.

I think that in the future would be sustainable to have a node per home network, but at this point NKN project is far from that.


I totally agree with your vision for the future :slight_smile:

I was pin-pointing the fact that the project isn’t build for large farmers but rather as you said, at a long term, more for home user (small computers, raspberry, …). In the meanwhile if you look at the current indicators in the chain, the amount of beneficiary wallets used by nodes have increased by more than 460% between March and April. May will clearly see also increase.

Those indicators are not coming out of the blue, the team released the nkn-commercial witch is really easy to deploy, NKNx is actually one of the easiest solution I ever see in the crypto world to “start mining at home”, the ALLinOne Script have helped so much people deploying nodes!

Join the community and build a new kind of network with as little as you can, a Raspberry Pi 0 that is lying around in a drawer is enough :slight_smile:

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Hello, What is the cheapest setup to run nkn node using raspberry pi.? Minimum requirements? Thank you. Cause my laptop as host is not economical.

You can run a node on a Pi 0/1/2/3/4
The best is to have it connected in ethernet, port forwarding configured and ur up and running :slight_smile:

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