Web 3.0 Tech Talk: The power of offchain - Submit Your Questions for our Q&A

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NKN is exciting about hosting our upcoming webinar, “Web 3.0 Tech Talk: The power of offchain” which will focus on commercial uses for blockchain based Web 3.0 applications that use offchain elements for performance and scale. We have a strong speaker lineup consisting of CTO/Tech Leads from: Bluzelle, Filecoin, IoTeX, NKN, Storj, and Theta.

Included will be an Introduction and short overview of the state of Web 3.0 applications and methods for offchain enhancements, followed by a brief explanation by 6 featured speakers (5-10 min/ea) sharing their own offchain use cases. The remaining time will be opened up for questions and we would like to hear from you!

Submit your questions for our panelists by replying to this post and we will answer as many as we can live during our Webinar: Tuesday, June 30th, 2020 @ 9:00am US Pacific Time.

Don’t forget to register to watch live here.

Hello. I’ve been in the crypto/blockchain world for a few months now. I really do think it is the future which is why i am so interested in it. I found the NKN project after searching for suitable altcoins one may invest in, and NKN is definitely one. An amazing project.

However, i have been a bit confused by one thing. I saw that exchanges offer ECR20 NKN tokens. I thought NKN wasn’t on ethereum but rather its own mainnet. Have you made two NKN blockchains or something? One based on ethereum? As you can see, i still have a lot to learn!

As well, will/does NKN wallets offer compatibility for trezor and other hardware wallets? I know that you can store ECR20 tokens on MyEtherWallet on a trezor wallet, but will the mainnet NKN token be able to be stored on hardware?

Thanks! Sorry if my questions are a bit stupid… the whole blockchain world is mind blowing to me!