Website suggestion: add an enterprise section

There should be a section for enterprise on the website. We have an extremely strong case for businesses to start using NKN. Two great examples of websites that do this are and They both clearly have labelled sections for enterprise and developers. I particularly like inrupt’s use of first person language. Instead of “A company can do x” it’s “Your company can do x”. The phrasing is much more powerful and attention grabbing.

Here’s an example of some text that could go on the enterprise page.

NKN is a revolutionary platform enabling your company to create innovations on the Internet. NKN opens up an entirely new world of what can be done with connectivity.

Faster. Higher bandwidth and lower latency means your services and apps perform better.
Zero downtime. A lack of central servers means you are free from worries about downtime.
Secure. Full encryption on all data transmission means NKN is the most secure way to transfer data.
Less expensive. Peer to peer means your business isn’t paying for bandwidth costs.

If you are interested in migrating your products to NKN or develop new products for NKN, do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected]. We would be very grateful to assist you in moving to the new Internet.

Enterprise needs concrete reasons to adopt NKN. Technologies such as Ethereum use smart contracts which are Turing complete so naturally there are a larger number of ways to use it than NKN (which doesn’t have smart contracts), and that results with them struggling to find a way to be specific when outlining the advantages Ethereum can bring forth.

Encouraging companies to work with NKN is very important. I’m certain this is already being done by the team but we can take it to the next level by dedicating part of the website to that cause.

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