What a waste for coinbase giveaway

I have to be honest I was on coinbase making sure my BTC arrived from my miners (27 S19 pros and 14 whatsminer m30s++)

Saw the NKN token education. Thought lets see about mining.

Several days later I still have not been able to setup nodes to work. why in the hell would you go to coinbase and not be able to let me put coins into the account to launch it from coinbase and jump through hoops to try and do it.

just rediculous

I had the same issue. The coins from coinbase are not he same coins as the ones you actually need to get the node started. I gave up trying to exchange them (site does not work) and used a NKNx script to deploy a node, then pay them for the ID. I don’t know if it was a mistake yet… The node finally worked after I switched to a different cloud computing supplier.
Please, if you have time I would like to ask you some questions about the BTC mining. Maybe is not the correct forum but if you agree we can for sure continue the conversation privately.