What are next steps after mainnet?

As far i understand NKN mainnet will soon go live. Also Bruce mentions that It typically takes exchanges many months to integrate with new mainnet which makes the mainnet before exchanges something like testnet 2.0 (talking from miner’s perspective) - balances are irreversible but are not liquid(not talking about OTC hehe).

  1. This looks like a good time for security audit. Am i right? Audit is scheduled between mainnet start and exchanges swap?
  2. Currently NKN has option to push miners to update to new version of software (this helped alot in winter when there were some bugs). When this option will be removed?
  1. You are right, this period would be a good time for: security audit and improvement, performance measure and improvement, code quality improvement, etc.
  2. I think you mean the current feature that old version will stop running right? This will be removed at mainnet.

In addition, there are also quite a lot new features we are planning to add post mainnet, e.g. virtual machine and smart contract capability.

Also, mainnet means we can start pushing (harder) on the application & adoption part, including the ones that we build and third party & community.

In short, mainnet is just a start, it just means 1.0 release :blush:

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thanks for the answers @yilun :+1: