What I feared is happening

I spent a few days working out some personal things. Today I entered the explorer, and I was surprised to see a decrease of more than 30 thousand knots.

What I would not like to happen is happening, the decrease in knots due to the lack of financial incentive to create new knots.

Unfortunately my prediction for the future is: The NKN network, in the hands of the big miners, totally centralized by them …

I am very sad for what happened, because I expected a decentralized network for instant daily payments.

Don’t be sad, be glad! We are only in phase 2 of the mainnet upgrade, and things are moving along smoothly so far. After May 5th, we will find out ways to encourage new miners and simplify onboarding.

I very much hope that in the near future the NKN team will solve the safety problem, without imposing mandatory upfront fees on new miners. :pensive:

I will study the code and maybe in a few months I will be able to help.

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