What’s the nodes and miners status in mainland China

Seems still cannot mining and get reward in mainland China? if wrong please correct me.

If it’s true what’s the problem and what’s the plan to make the network heathy and growing outside of USA? It’s quite unbalanced now. How to maintain the network and support as infrastructure for n-applications?


NKN mining reward is proportional to the Internet speed and latency, therefore currently nodes running in US and Europe have some advantage. This is because the Internet infrastructure is a bit better in those locations.

On the other hand, value added services like nConnect runs on top of NKN network and use NKN nanopay for paying data volume. These income goes directly to miners, and are in addition to the regular mining rewards. nConnect started in China with Synology and QNAP, therefore miners in China (who runs NKN Commercial and enabled nConnect) will get most of those service revenue.

thanks Bruce,if nodes increase greatly in those developing area, how is the mining reward ? Will it be better?

Another question, How to keep a minimum nkn client which can easily join in and leave network at specific use case? Do I only need a registered wallet Id, or full chaindb is necessary. If there is a doc for IoT case, please let me know. Thanks again