Why block production fell by 8.5% on 2019-05-14? new genesis proposer?

noticed that on 2019-05-14 there were ~8.5% less blocks produced than usual (about 4150 average usual and 3793 on 14th - all numbers i store in this spreadsheet). when i started digging i noticed that between blocks 938464 and 938626 all block times were 1 minute and all (almost) of them were produced by NiByGF4sjAux92mvQhEV1Y9EhUgLCKhGjx

why block production stalled between 938464 and 938626 ?
is NiByGF4sjAux92mvQhEV1Y9EhUgLCKhGjx a new genesis proposer ?

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and before it was created new snapshot Chain_937651.zip - is it somehow related?

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I believe this is because all sigchain spammers happened to failed together for around 2 hours that day :joy:

@yilun ahh i see :slight_smile:

and what is the address NiByGF4sjAux92mvQhEV1Y9EhUgLCKhGjx which took almost all blocks in that period?

It’s a lucky address that happened to be selected when there is no sigchain :joy:

dont understand. it is a random address which will forever receive rewards when there is no sigchain? or it is selected every time when there is no sigchain?

Every time where is no sigchain, we just look back and say: hey, we cannot elect new leader, let’s just continue using the last elected leader. If he’s not available, then we use the second last elected leader, etc. Typically this will only last one block because as long as there is even 1 sigchain, some node will be elected to be the block proposer.

Thanks @yilun now i understand everything )