Why's the NKN Swap is CLOSED? it's still Nov 26th, Beijing Time!

Why I can’t swap my tokens now?

We’re still in Nov 26th, 2021, I believe

Come on, some of us have VPS hosting fee to pay.

Beijing Time

NKN Swap Schedule Dates

NKN Swap Portal

Which country’s time are you using for the NKN swap portal?


Sorry to ask but why Beijng?
The team is mainly US based … :thinking:

To be honest this swap stuff has been going on too long… We just need to be able to exchange Mainnet Tokens on real exchanges whenever we want and not having to pay 10-15 NKN or whatever the fee is to make a swap, that’s like 1 month’s worth of Node rewards for a single node…


Beijing, eastern time, the first to enter a new day.

US, western time, it’s the last to enter a new day.