1-click NKN node image updated for mainnet on 3 cloud platforms


What’s new?

Our 1-click NKN node image has now been updated for mainnet and approved by all three leading cloud platforms DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Service. Some of the highlights of this version:

  1. Upgraded for Mainnet
  2. Improved security: mandate one unique wallet per node. it is no longer possible to take a snapshot of one running node and clone.
  3. Promote BeneficiaryAddr to further improve security: so the mining reward can be kept in secure wallet that is generated by user personally and not stored anywhere on the cloud.
  4. Reduced resource usage: especially network bandwidth usage is reduced by at least 50%, since it is a major cost factor for some cloud platforms. Also reduced requirements on CPU and memory.

Of course we kept all the features and benefits our miners enjoy from testnet v0.8.x: health monitoring and auto healing, remote node status information, and etc. Currently we still support auto-upgrade during phase 1 of Mainnet for faster bug fix and network upgrade.

Road ahead

Moving forward, we have the following on our agenda:

  • Support more leading cloud, e.g. Microsoft Azure
  • Stop auto-upgrade during phase 2 of Mainnet, so we can enhance security and avoid single point of failure (github)
  • Together with NKN mobile app and nknx.org miner dashboard, enable remote provisioning of NKN mining node without user input in cloud console
  • Built-in GUI web admin portal for mining at home (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Raspberry Pi, router, etc), so users can manage their nodes locally and securely using web GUI
  • Together with community, support more home devices such as WiFi router, NAS, and gateways.

Where to start mining and where to find help

For general overview and FAQ:

For DigitalOcean:

For Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

For Amazon Web Service (AWS)

NKN 1-click image has been updated to mainnet software v1.1.1 with pruned blockchain database for all three clouds. This will not only update your NKN node to the latest version, but also save you A LOT OF disk space: from over 20GB to about 10GB. Thanks Allen and Yilun for the good work with our cloud partners.