20 free nkn nodes fast with vultr clone


Simple way to start mining nkn with 20 nkn nodes for free with vultr, marked here as it would be easier that to say it again and again on chats.

Open an account on Vultr, you can use this link below to get $100 free (20 nodes for 1 months)

Deploy your first node, you can get some help from this script

Once node is synchronized (might take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the source of the chain and if it is recent), you can follow these steps to clone it :
stop nkn-commercial
(usuallly visa systemctl)
systemctl stop nkn-commercial
go to the nkn-commercial folder and under nkn-node
move all files except the chain (chainDB folder) in another location (for instance under a new folder backup/…)
stop the instance
Got to product=>snapshot, click add(+), you should have your only one instance from above, you can snapshot it, just wait until it is done

Now you are ready to deploy as many as instances as you want/can, and fast
go to new server, unders ‘server type’ , choose ‘snapshot’, select the previous snapshot you just did

At the bottom, you can modify the quantity of instances as required

On some platform, you can add this in a startup script for the snapshot (on vultr, seems not possible yet when you choose a snapshot, but it is ok):
Put a command like this in you startup script:


# NOTE: This is an example that sets up SSH authorization. To use it, you'd need to replace "ssh-rsa AA... [email protected]" with your SSH public.
# You can replace this entire script with anything you'd like, there is no need to keep it

/nkn/data/linux-amd64/nkn-commercial -b NKN...yournknaddressofcourse -d /nkn/data install

of course check the folder location correspond to your instance, might be different from the one above

If you could have your startup script, you should just need to sit and wait.

If not able to set up a start script, you only need to connect to the server once to send the start command (it should be the same ssh key as your first instance, as it is a clone) and the node should be mining soon

All your snapshot will create their own wallet on start, the chainDB will already be there all ready and synchronized.

Noting you can follow the same process on different platforms, as long as they allow snapshot

Noting this also works on Linode very well, can click here for some free credits:

Noting also that with the new nkn node setup rules you will need to send some mainnet nkn to each nodes public address to start them

This also work with digital ocean
get $100 to start with below link:
https:// m.do.co/c/e6831f2550e6
correct vultr link with $100 is
https:// www.vultr.com/?ref=8846606-6G