VPS Startup Script for NKN-Commercial Cloud Mining

Hi All, Nice to meet you in NKN community.

I am a solo miner and would like to share you my startup script, which is my fastest and hassle-free way to deploy nkn-commercial node. Nothing special, but I found it very convenient because once you update your beneficiary and ChainDB url in the script, you can deploy it in most of the VPS provider. Just like NKN Offcial One-Click Solution.

For details, please see README.md in github.


  • Install nkn-commercial automatically at first boot.
  • No need to login root to install. User will be added in /sbin/nologin, no other setup needed.
  • Most suitable to VPS provider without support of One-Click Deploy. Tested on Vultr, UpCloud and Linode server.
  • No Fee, No Donation. Use as you like. Feel free to change the script to suit your purpose.

Credit to NKN community member no112358. This startup script is modified from ALLinONE-nknnode.

If you are fresh and interested to try out, please support my referral link.

Happy Mining and Good Luck!


Thank you for sharing your experience and script with the community! :+1: