April Video AMA T-Shirt Winners

Thanks again to everyone that participating in contributing questions to last week’s NKN Live Video AMA! As promised, we have selected 5 contributors to receive a free NKN T-Shirt. The winners are: zakis, @cryptobambi1, Maverick16, Sybod, and Arviee. Please message dixonal directly to arrange for shipment. Congratulations to the winners!


Thank you, NKN!

Even though I really appreciate winning a T-Shirt, there are likely people who supported NKN for much longer than me and would enjoy the T-Shirt better.

I choose to donate the prize to GIGAmesh, if this https://twitter.com/ggmesh/status/1123698193605242886 is the Gigamesh from Discord that wrote an amazing medium article about NKN that got me here https://medium.com/@ggmesh/new-kind-of-network-an-introduction-to-nkn-censorship-resistance-and-cellular-automata-246b516e3bd6

I’m making this statement public from the same account which was used to publish my AMA questions.

Astonishing for me is to see the project team work so hard to meet every goal, progress and to see such a great supporting community of people that help new miners or answer dev questions as if it was a paid service. I want such community to flourish and this is the least I can do for it.