Future plans for NKN testnet

With NKN mainnet Narwhal launched, testnet will soon be deprecated. Here is the timeline:

  • V0.8.x testnet will continue to run for about one month, to enable the remaining tNKN to ERC-20 token swap. https://testnet.nkn.org
  • V0.8.x testnet will close on August 15th 04:00 UTC time.
  • tNKN to NKN token swap tool will also close FOREVER on August 15th 04:00 UTC time. https://swap4testnet.nkn.org
  • There is zero mining reward on v0.8.x testnet from now on until its closure.

Once Mainnet completes its phase 1, we will restart testnet based on future beta versions of NKN Mainnet (v1.x). Future testnet token will not be swapped to mainnet token.

This is a gentle reminder that our v0.8 testnet and testnet token (tNKN) swap system will be closed indefinitely on August 15th at 04:00 UTC time.