Joining the network instantly by paying small amount of NKN

The network seems to be pretty congested recently, and it takes a long time for node with fresh wallet to first join the network because it needs to wait for generate id txn to go through.

But the truth is, the network is far far far below from its capacity and is not congested at all, but just the free transactions are congested. Many people want to send txn for free, but each miner only allows a few (by default 4) txn below minimal txn fee (by default 0.1 NKN and subject to change later) per block. That’s why it takes so long for a free txn to be included into a block. Once we know the cause, the problem becomes very easy to solve.

When miner is building a block, he will include transaction with highest txn fee first. Because almost all txn has zero txn fee at the moment, putting a tiny amount of NKN (e.g. the minimal valid amount 10^-8 NKN) is enough to put your txn on top of the queue and thus be included into the block immediately. Here is the detailed steps:

  1. Upgrade to the latest version 1.0.8-beta (1.0.7-beta does not support this)
  2. Use nknc wallet -l account to view the address of your wallet.json (NOT your beneficiary address)
  3. Transfer enough amount (txn fee you plan to use) of NKN to the address shown in above step. Note that you might also need to choose a nonzero txn fee for the transfer txn if it takes too long.
  4. In your config.json, put a line as below, change the txn fee to the amount you want, and then starts nknd
  "RegisterIDTxnFee": 1,

note that RegisterIDTxnFee in config.json is in unit of 10^-8 NKN, so 1 above actually means 0.00000001 NKN as txn fee. You might need to use higher value if most people start to use same or higher txn fee as you do.

If everything works, your node should be able to join the network a few minutes after you starts nknd.

Hey, thank you for the info.
However i have a question.
The ERC-20 tokens wont work for that, so how can you get main net NKN tokens?
I guess the only two ways are = to mine on your own with a node, or some one to send it to you.

Isnt that a bad choice for new miners? For example i was mining a lot in the testnet, after that i swapped my coins for ERC-20. Now i would like to start mining again, but i can not get my nodes to connect to the network, as they do not get and ID, so i can not get any NKN to pay fort he ID and its like a hell loop.

And my second question - what do we do with the mined tokens in main net? Will there be another SWAP or?

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It is a temporary problem now and will be gone once mainnet token swap is open. To be honest we didn’t expect to get such “attention” so fast and even before mainnet token swap. There are 2 ways now: 1. be a little bit more patient and wait for a couple hours. Currently new node should be able to join much faster than a few days ago. 2. we are happy to help anyone who want to join by sending them enough NKN to join :slight_smile:

For your second question: as we announced earlier, at the end of phase 1, when exchange supports our mainnet token, there will be another token swap.