NKN coin/tokens value


I come from “traditional” crypto mining where the actual crypto currency has a use for transaction.

Is NKN coin the same? It doesn’t feel like it is, I know understand that it might not have had the time for market penetration that other currencies have.

But to me it feels like NKN is not a cryptocurrency for transactions its just a reward system for cooperating on the distributed network, but if that is the case I get this feeling that I am getting done for, because what is the point getting reward “point” if those point then are not worth anything becuase no one have any reason or interest in buying other than speculation.in that sense I feel like NKN tokens are missing a lot of traction.

The idea of the network and all is fantastic don’t get me wrong but for this to sustain miners need to feel like that actually get something of value back from sustaining the network not just something no one would really want to buy from you because there is no use for it.

Is there something I am missing ?

It feels like there is a huge divide between using the network and running it if that makes sense.

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Hello Maco!

I agree and disagree with you :grinning:

Let’s first start by our little disagreement :stuck_out_tongue:
There is way for you to spend your tokens, there are just a bit hidden :stuck_out_tongue:

But I agree with you that the NKN tokens feels a bit “unusable” for the community as the current applications are still (at least most of them) in Alpha / Beta. I would love to see more way to use the NKN network at its full potential and spend a bunch of tokens on New Kind of Services! Unfortunately, we can’t really blame the team as their work is to provide the tools for the dev to build solutions, not build them themselves … :man_shrugging:

Incentive to do so exist, maybe aren’t they well know enough or maybe released by tomorrow … impossible to say

Also, as I said, if you look at the existing products there is way for you to use your token in services such as nChat, nCDN, nMobile, DataRide … all those are available (https://nscan.io/transactions filter by “Nano Pay”)

So I agree with you that we need more applications, more solutions, more way to spend our hard mined tokens!
But this is a community work :slight_smile: There’s even some trying to have ideas, you should definitively have a look!


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