NKN Community Developer Bounty

Calling all developers and tinkerers

Want to develop new kinds of applications on NKN communication stack? Here are 3 reasons:

  1. Bragging rights: among the first to develop web 3.0 apps. “Look here, no servers”
  2. Piece of cake: no need to learn blockchain or solidity, just your usual coding language
  3. Bounty galore: we have no upper limit on the total bounty.

Recently we have launched the dataRide product for developers, which is a suite of decentralized communication tools for messaging, streaming and file transfer between humans and machines. It can eliminate the cloud server, and all the development and running cost associated with it. We believe it can create new kinds of applications that safeguard privacy for users, as well as reduce cost and simplify life for app developers.

Therefore we are offering a Community Product Bounty for your apps that are built on NKN.

Where are the challenges

App for NKN file transfer (up to 20,000 NKN per app)

IFTTT.com Connectors and Services (up to 20,000 NKN per app)

  • Secure direct Webcam connection
  • Secure IoT communication
  • Control remote machines with NKN Shell (nsh)
  • Reference: https://platform.ifttt.com

WIX.com webapp (up to 20,000 NKN per app)

Synology packages (up to 20,000 NKN)

QNAP App Center (up to 20,000 NKN)

How to get started?

  1. Head to our developer portal: https://www.nkn.org/developer/
  2. Check our latest code: https://github.com/nknorg
  3. Read up on our doc: https://docs.nkn.org/docs/home.html
  4. Look at a few examples and play with interactive code: https://dataride.nkn.org/

One more thing

For developers who have significant contribution to the NKN ecosystem over a period of time, we also have “Special Community Reward” like the 500,000 NKN received by nknx team last year.