No rewards raspberry

I use a raspberry since 18th ofApril.
Didn’t get any rewards since that moment.
Is this normal?
I don’t see any problems if I look in Nstatus.
I made it with fast deploy

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Neither do I, if the nodes are the foundations of the project, I do not understand that they give so little or no reward.

I had some virtual google cloud servers and they produced rewards.

Is it profitable, paying google servers?

I tried it with demo 1 free month.
So i don’t know.
I got rewards

It highly depends on your home Internet connection, e.g. speed and latency to the Internet backbone. I have AT&T fiber 1Gbps to home, and have very low latency to US Internet backbone, and my Raspberry Pi at home yields similar to my VPS nodes over long period of time (2 years).

But individual home node will vary a lot, and will be lower than VPS if the bandwidth is lower and latency is higher than VPS.

I have fiber 200/200
What number is low latency?
I can’t change latency I think?

Same here. I’ve been running a NKN node for about 2 months now, with 24/7 uptime besides downtime to upgrade the docker container. No rewards. This really is rather annoying and makes me a lot less likely to invest in more nodes. I have a 1000/1000 mbit fiber connection with generally really low latency. I’m not sure how to check the latency to a specific backbone but pinging or results in an average ping of 5ms. I’m in fairly close proximity to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, for what it’s worth.

They block “us” the Dutch people I think :slight_smile:

The best tool to check, is You can find out the latency to all your NKN neighbors, as well as relays per hour.

Ah okay!

107979.81 relays / h

912 ms avg
12 ms min
9924 ms max

Is this any good? Average of 912ms seems a bit high to me, but not sure what’s okay.

@wesley2004 Well it does feel like we somehow have a disadvantage in Europe! Know several people with the same issues as we currently experience.

I don’t think nodes in Europe are at disadvantage. Here is one of my personal nodes in Germany, and its numbers are in the same ball park as yours. And this node is the top 5 (out of my 15 nodes in 4 continents) in terms of messages relayed.

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 1.04.57 PM


Same here. I’ve been running the node on my Raspberry since yesterday. Also, I seem to need to transfer some NKN to my new wallet to begin mining. Do you know where can I buy NKN, please?


You can get NKN mainnet tokens from Upbit.

Or if you have NKN ERC-20 tokens, you can swap them into NKN Mainnet

Still no reward after four weeks? I have 3 nodes and all are PERSIST_FINISHED 24/7. Which indicates it should work. I would expect a lot more from the time and investment I had to put into it. But as they say “nice words but no deeds”. In addition to setting up, investment (device), payment for the wallet 10NKN each, power supply 24/7 per node, (if you use NKNx FastDeploy, you have already lost the first reward). It seems that mining NKN is going to someone else’s pockets. In other words, pure scam. Isn’t it sick that you have to be lucky that you get a reward, when you actually worked for it, and that it even costs you money?

It is fair statistically, which means it has to be average over large amount of nodes over long period of time. For 3 nodes and 4 weeks, it is very difficult to get a consistent result. It also depends on what type of Internet connection, and what kind of computer you are running on. There is a learning curve for newcomers. and patience is needed in the beginning.

I am indeed a newcomer, but I have oriented myself well in this. I bought three new latest models of the Raspberry Pi 4 8GB and expanded it with an SSD 120 GB 510/510 read/write. All with a unique wallet on a unique IP address. So they don’t sit together in a pool. At this point, according to your calculations, a node should get a reward after 3.5 weeks. Why not a single node, of which I have three? In your forum I read more about these matters, where some people have not received a reward for 3 months. How am I supposed to be patient with this, will you say that again in a month, that I must be patient? I really want to believe it, I also put in the necessary time and investment, but this doesn’t feel right :frowning:

What I also noticed is that there are wallets that get a reward every 10 to 20 seconds, how do you explain that?

And that +/- 10000 nodes have disappeared in the last two months?

This is very easy to explain: beneficiary address is the mechanism that miners with a lot of nodes can send all their mining reward to a single wallet. Therefore, those wallets tend to get rewards very often: because it could be associated with hundreds or even thousands of nodes.

And here are comprehensive data showing the overall mining yields and distributions:

And you are welcome to ask in our Discord channel for other miners’ experience.

I also notice that you only answer the questions that suit you, and not the rest. Do I have to ask a question per message from now on?
There were 3 questions in it and one was answered, and even that answer is unfounded (this was question 2). As far as I understand, you need a wallet for each node and you bind that wallet to a beneficiary wallet.
But that beneficiary wallet is not the mining wallet, is it?

Imagine: for a node to get a reward it takes at least 4 weeks and then that sycles starts again. How many nodes would you need to get a reward every 10 seconds!

1 reward per 10 seconds =
6 rewards per minute =
3630 rewards per hour =
8640 rewards per day =
259200 rewards per month

In other words, you would have to have 259200 nodes to be able to get a reward every 10 seconds, since at the time of writing there are 94261 nodes, this would not be possible.

Question 1 was: How am I supposed to be patient with this, will you say that again in a month, that I must be patient?

Question 3 was: Why +/- 10000 nodes have disappeared in the last two months?