Nodes are not working. Amazon AWS. Need help!

5 days ago I rented Amazon AWS and created 8 nodes according to the instructions - Deploy NKN Commercial on AWS Marketplace - Nodes & Mining / Tutorials -

I did everything exactly as written, only I indicated my wallet number.

It’s been 5 days! My nodes still don’t work.

Here are the IP addresses:

What have I done wrong? Why am I not getting mining rewards? I see that the blocks are synchronized, but the panel shows that my nodes are always in status “Syncing”

I need help urgently! I beg.

2021-02-16_09-52-58 2021-02-16_09-52-29

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All those nodes are indeed syncing – you can see their current heights in the screenshot, lower than current latest height. The first time a node starts from scratch, it will take a few days to sync all block history and prune them at the same time to reduce disk usage.

Since your nodes are pretty close to latest height, by the time of this reply, they should already finish syncing and start mining I believe.

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Good day. Is the reward credited immediately? After taking the second block, nothing was credited to me, how can this be checked and clarified?

Yes, mining reward should be in your beneficiary address instantly. If you are using nknx fast deploy, however, the first block reward will go to nknx team, after that all mining reward will go to your beneficiary address instantly.

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Thank. I’ve already found the error.