nWatch - Node monitoring interface

Yep !
If you want to edit the nodes from the web interface you need to

chown www-data:www-data /var/www/html/nodes.txt

For Android go to your dashboard with your browser than click the 3 dots icon, Add to Home screen
Enjoy ! :grinning:

The last version (2.0.0) introduce the wallet management but there’s still work to do on that :sweat_smile:

How about a password, so i can host it outside my network?? :slight_smile:

How does the reward count work?

Hi !

yep, one of the next release will include a password protection !

About the reward it’s for now a simple addition of the proposal return by the node.
As I include the wallet management a few release ago I’m currently working on a better management of them and the ability to see all the rewards by nodes over time…

It’s not finished but hey, it get better over time ^^

you can easily install nWatch with my script:

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Hey !

v2.1.0 is released :slight_smile:
It include password protection for your nWatch dashboard !

:warning: To allow nWatch to be password protected the www-data user must have read and write access to the directory where nWatch is installed ( default : /var/www/html )

You can change change directory rights with the following commands :

sudo su - 
chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html

Enjoy !

Thanks :+1:

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v2.2.2 is released !

  • Support EUR and USD
  • Better value visual formatting
  • Configuration check
  • Patches

Update is available using the ALLinOne script from @no112358

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I always show loading…
And opening the homepage is super slow

WOW! I tried it after the first release. Awesome improvements! Congrats!

I have a problem with running it inside a folder.
Let’s say I want to run dash and nwatch together on the same node, with the first version I had it like this
/var/www/html/dash/ and /var/www/html/nwatch/ so I could access them from ipaddress/dash/ or ipaddress/nwatch/ no problem, but with the latest version I had to move it to the root folder to make it work thus and I kinda liked it how it was before (its not the only two things I run on that machine)
Is there a way to make it work again?


Hello Ramon,

thank a lot! :relaxed:

I just released v2.2.12 witch should solve your folder issue !
It also include a faster loading time and auto refresh for the nodes status dashboard (desktop only)

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Hi @TheAL ! I installed the nWatch a few days ago with the script from @no112358 in a node, working really well for a few days but today is not opening in the browser… it just hang, no messages.

My node is up and mining

Btw, great job! thank you both

try updating, nwatch is being fixed daily

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When trying to execute

/var/www/html/nWatch# gh repo clone AL-dot-debug/nWatch

I Get:

Usage: gh repo [OPTIONS] USER_REPO

Error: Got unexpected extra argument (AL-dot-debug/nWatch)

I can use ‘Git Clone https://github.com/AL-dot-debug/nWatch.git’ but I thought to let you know just in case. Is there a reason to use ‘gh repo’ instead of ‘git clone’?

Hello !

sorry for the mess, the install and update instructions haven’t being update for a few version… :roll_eyes:
It’s now cleared, follow the instruction and you should have your nWatch instance up and running !

  • tested on Debian 10
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yeah, I was doing just that, good to see that at least it was a reminder to update the instructions XD
btw, it reminded me that I was meaning to send you a little something for a great dash, have a new node on me :wink:

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Thx a lot for your kind words and support :pray:

Hey !

Long time I didn’t update the thread so let’s post an image rather than a lot of words ^^

nWatch v2.4.5 is available :slight_smile:


It happened to me when I had a blank line at the end of my file

The proposal return of the node that day, or all time? Mine doesn’t make sense for either